Photography and Beer

We are back!!!! Todd and Todd get out of the normal studio and tape a late night podcast this week. Some of the topics include – beer, Belgian lawn games, how to avoid setting a high school athlete on fire, flop sweat, white backgrounds are all not created equal, B&W photography in photojournalism, nutmeg, cutlines and beer.


High sun requires HSS


A few people have asking me lately about my gear and settings for my recent run of  Dispatch-Argus-QCOnline Pacesetter portraits, so here is a quick breakdown from my most recent portrait of  Rock Island High School sprinter –  Courtney Lindsey.

Nikon D500, 70-200mm, f 3.5, ISO: 50, Shutter: 1/1250

High bright sun at noon is not ideal for portraits like this, so High Speed Sync strobes are key. I used a Flashpoint Streaklight 360 , Flashpoint R2 i-TTL 2.4G Wireless Transmitter, Flashpoint R2 Bridge Receiver for Non-R2 Streaklights, and a Glow ParaPop 28” modifier.

The Streaklight gives you enough juice to over power the sun. Positioning him was key. Courtney’s back to the sun eliminating weird shadows and it acts as a great backight. I only had to use one light. The ParaPop delivers fantastic light and it is super, super easy set-up. The light stand was also weighted because of the wind. You only need to have ne light blow down on a shoot and you’ll get straight to WalMart and buy a set of heavy leg weights.

The second and third frames are shot in the track’s tunnel with the ParaPop utilized as a beauty-dish on a boom. Similar specs Lens (mm): 17-55 @ 55, ISO: 50, Aperture: 2.8 and Shutter: 1/1250

Gone with a tip of his cap

We are back after our three month hiatus. Thank you for sticking with the Talking Pictures Podcast we really appreciate it. If you are a regular listener you already know we moved to new offices in late Decemeber 2017. The combination of getting situated in our new digs and a busy high school sports season conspired to keep us from taping any new episodes. We returned to the studio this week just in time to say goodbye to one of our own. Tune in and find out which member of the Talking Pictures Podcast is walking into the sunset wearing a cowboy hat and Nikes.

Moline High School students demand our attention during National School Walkout


I can’t imagine having to cover a school shooting like the one last month in Parkland FL. I have covered a lot of bad stuff over the years but a school shooting would be simply unimaginable. It didn’t dawn on me at the time I took the first photo in this series but so often we see photos of students being led out of a school by Police following a tragedy but on Wednesday across America kids were walking out on their own, heads held high and demanding action to stem the tide of gun violence.


A switch has been flipped folks and America’s youth is pissed off and I for one loved being able to witness and document the nearly 900 kids who marched for change today at Moline High School.


Max-imum portraits

We apologize for the delay in posting a new episode. We have been busy moving to our new offices but before we moved out we recorded one last episode in our old photo studio before moving to our new offices. Max Gersh, of The Villages Daily Sun photographer, calls into the show to talk about his fantastic sports portrait project. The elaborately staged portraits were shot for the Villages Daily Sun’s high school basketball kick-off issue.

Thanks for the 1720 memories

The real estate listing for our soon to be home at 1720 5th Avenue in Moline reads as follows”
Current Daily Dispatch Property. Now available for purchase. Over 53,000 SF of office and warehouse space………Will be vacated within the next 120 days.’ Well those 120 days are just about up, so we decided to gather six current and former Dispatch/Argus photographers to take a hilarious and heartfelt trip down memory lane about life at 1720.

As for our new home, the Jefferson’s theme said it best – “Well we’re movin’ on up to the east side.”  We will be moving into a beautiful new building just down the road in East Moline. But before we go forward, we take a look back. We hope you in enjoy the show. Our panel includes Todd Welvaert, John Greenwood, Gary Krambeck, Paul Colletti, Todd Mizener and on the phone from Kansas City, Dan Videtich.

He broke the internet and survived

Our guest this week is Kyle Grantham, the National Press Photographers Association clip contest chairman. In addition to giving us an inside look at the monthly clip contest, Kyle weaves some great stories from his days as a photojournalist in Delaware, Indiana and Wyoming.  Tune into the podcast and find out what body part freezes first when it is -27 degrees in Casper, Wyoming and much, much more.